We live in a world where concerns about security are increasing and Stelkom can offer every client customised security or analytical solutions no matter how demanding their needs. With the development of video analytics useful in all areas of business, Stelkom provides precise insights that contribute to more reliable predictions and the optimisation of all business processes.

For instance, today analytics can recognise hotspots through which we determine a higher frequency of where people hover, detect other factors, and with which we can identify a person’s sex and age. The technology works only with analytical data which protect the privacy of individuals. This is particularly useful in the design of smart towns to acquire various measurements with which safety and quality of life are improved.

For some time now, Stelkom has been offering security services focused on video analytical surveillance, optical and other types of sensor technology, biometry, and much more.

Stelkom NEC video analitika in biometrija

Stelkom is a partner or a representative of the following companies:

  • NEC biometry and optical sensor technology
  • Grundig security cameras
  • Axxonsoft video analytics
  • Saimos video analytics
  • Briefcam video analytics, forensics
  • Senstar video analytics, forensics
  • Sorhea perimeter security
  • Phonexia analytics and sound verification
  • Milestone video management system – VMS
  • Safire surveillance cameras
  • Visiotech Security surveillance cameras and security solutions

Security cameras, optical
sensor technology and surveillance hardware


Security and surveillance cameras are the basic building blocks for security systems based on visual identification of people and items. A quality camera provides for image capture in any environment and in all conditions: for distinctly dark environments we use thermal cameras, and at remote locations cameras with their own power supply through a solar system, while cameras with higher optical zoom are used for remote surveillance.

A comprehensive system of hardware, such as recorders, decoders, and quality screens for the display of video content in security centres is needed for the efficient surveillance. Stelkom offers a wide selection of hardware for video surveillance and our experts are at hand to advise you on the selection with which you can upgrade classical video surveillance systems with specialised software.


Grundig hardware and software

The impressive portfolio of Grundig security solutions is composed of security cameras, recorders, monitors, and software. The solutions are divided into three main product groups, with which a modern and professional system of video surveillance can be created: Essential, Professional, and Premium. The “Essential” group includes products equipped with all general functionalities and covers a wide variety of uses in video surveillance.

The “Professional” group was created with projects with more complex demands in mind. Products from this line offer additional functions to great advantage for more specific tasks. The “Premium” class offers products that are appropriate for the most demanding projects.


Safire hardware for image capturing

The European company Safire makes surveillance cameras and other equipment for surveillance, access and presence control, video intercoms, and develops its own software. Safire’s solutions are an excellent alternative to traditional security systems since they offer a comprehensive platform for the efficient management of company or home infrastructure security with a great ratio between price and quality.


Software for video analytics and sound biometry

High-quality capture of images, sound, and other changes within the security area is the basis for an in-depth data analysis, be it a match of the biometric recording, recognition of traffic and other accidents, recognition of traffic congestion or congestion at cash registers of shopping malls, a control of presence at work, or detection of conflict situations through body posture recognition.

A great added value for business users is the possibility of recognising areas with a higher frequency of movement through a “heatmap” display, tracking potential threats through the entire surveillance area, and their restriction in various ways.


NEC video analytics

The NEC Group systematically develops security solutions both in the field of hardware and software. Stelkom is the official partner of the NEC Group and our experts will help you find a suitable solution to the most complex challenges, regardless of their dimension.


Milestone open source video analytics

The open source platform Milestone Systems offers a wide selection of functions for the recognition of various factors within the captured videos. Within the industry, Milestone is the system integrated with the biggest number of different cameras and business solutions of a higher quality in the field of video analytics: it supports more than 8,500 different devices and more than 1,000 apps.

The Milestone XProtect is an open source platform for software management of video: VMS. In the course of more than two decades, Milestone has established itself at more than 500,000 locations in 27 countries and they provide security in locations ranging from smaller shops and universities to casinos, ports, and stadiums, and towns.

The system prides itself on a wide selection of applications and simplicity of upgrades into larger and more complex systems, while security and reliability are provided three times a year with advanced system upgrades.


Axxonsoft surveillance systems

Axxonsoft is the leading name in software development for video and physical surveillance. They have been operating since 2003 and push the limits of security industry with their ground-breaking technologies. Their strengths are smart forensic search within videos and customised analytics with artificial intelligence support. With the help of artificial intelligence the Axxonsoft neuron network can learn tasks specific to your needs from video materials of your infrastructure.

Axxonsoft systems are used in shops and retail chains, hotels and restaurants, petrol stations, warehouses, and logistics centres.


Briefcam video analytics

Briefcam is a wide and comprehensive platform for the analysis of video surveillance recordings used by different government organisations, law enforcement agencies, the transport industry, healthcare, larger companies, and educational facilities. The platform creates added value for surveillance systems by providing complete control of all objects that appear within the area of video record capturing at any time.

The system recognises and aggregates the video content: it distinguishes between men, women, and children, and it recognises vehicles and their colour, speed, and direction. This enables users in-depth analysis of surveillance footage, while the platform offers organisations complete awareness of the situation at any given moment: search between more cameras, registration plate and face recognition, and a video synopsis: inspection of objects appearing within the area of video surveillance at different times.


Saimos video analytics

The German company Saimos is focused on the development of GIS geographical information systems, video analytics based on artificial intelligence, and the development of customised solutions for your company: Situational Awareness, Infrastructure Management & Operations Security. They provide a modular and open GIS program platform that supports spatially identifiable data in real time with the help of integration of various sensors and industrial video analytics. The Saimos system is designed as a single portal based on a map providing flawless geo-visualisation within the browser with vast options of integrations and expansions.


Phonexia sound biometry and speech recognition

A wide portfolio of the most advanced biometric technologies of speech and voice recognition, Phonexia enables adjustment to any scenario of private or public companies. The Phonexia system runs in the latest technology of artificial intelligence, acoustics, phonetics, and spoken biometry science. Phonexia’s products are extremely precise, fast, and above all designed with the growth of your security system in mind.

Perimeter protection systems

Solutions for perimeter protection combine hardware and software with the purpose of preventing unauthorised entries or intrusions into a certain area, while their final goal is the protection of people and infrastructure.

Perimeter sensors can be installed on fences, dug into the ground, or in the form of cameras or radar systems installed in higher elements of the protected infrastructure. With systems for analytical inspection over the status of various systems, the appropriately configurated combination of security elements can provide a high level of security and surveillance to even the most specific locations.


Sorhea electronic systems for detection of breach of security perimeters

Sorhea protects sensitive areas of industrial or private properties with advanced systems of infrared barriers of security perimeters with cables for motion detectors on fences and walls, high-frequency barriers, and thermal detectors, and even active detectors in fences. They can provide advanced security with the dual technology of a system for break-in detection through the Doppler detector, which with a passive IR sensor and microwaves recognises different moving objects in the protected area.

Thanks to 30 years of experience, the Sorhea has developed products that can integrate with all video surveillance systems on the market, and they vouch for quality production and product control with the ISO 9001 certificate.


Senstar perimeter protection

With more than 40 years of experience and advanced solutions for perimeter protection, Senstar’s technology provides excellent support for the protection of exposed electric stations, different transmitters, cleaning stations, storage facilities or warehouses, logistic centres, and similar facilities. Senstar can guarantee an innovative solution of protecting infrastructure and deterring or responding to potential threats for any company with in-depth knowledge of the challenges of protecting different infrastructure and a wide selection of sensors for detecting intrusions, and technological solutions for the management of video footage, smart video analytics, and access surveillance.


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