Flawless and secure connectivity between user locations is ensured.

Stelkom enables users of telecommunications services to install their own IT and TK equipment with agreed SLA parameters in telecommunication facilities, antenna towers, collocation space on Tivolska 50 and professional professional TK nodes owners.

The user is guaranteed the flawless and secure operation of devices and their connectivity between user locations using various transmission technologies. The guaranteed presence of staff and technical equipment of the premises ensure the achievement of technical standards that apply to the server space and services in such centers.

In TK nodes Črnomelj, Šoštanj and Maribor, which were implemented in the form of a safe room, Stelkom meets the most demanding standards that apply to the provision of services of TK nodes or DRC. At the same time, communication connectivity is provided on the optical infrastructure along several separate routes.

As part of the standard TK node, Stelkom provides:

  • connectivity between on-site equipment and user location equipment,
  • uninterruptible power supply 48 V DC (RPS) or 230 V AC (UPS),
  • air-conditioned room (temperature and humidity control),
  • antistatic double floor,
  • burglary protection,
  • fire protection,
  • flood protection,
  • control of access and movement in rooms with equipment,
  • 24-hour monitoring of operation,
  • 24-hour security service,
  • easy and secure access of users to their equipment.