Advantages of 3c:

  • enables easy integration into today’s IT infrastructure that meets all needs for operational efficiency, security and IT management
  • up to 24 servers (70,000 users and telephone connections) in HA mode without additional licenses
  • powerful and innovative IP telephony and UC&C software that works in a dynamic model of high availability in its own premises, cloud or hybrid environment
  • shorter response times and higher service levels
  • increased user efficiency and faster customer response
  • availability to users on a single contact number on multiple devices, including seamless call transfers between public mobile networks and the company’s WiFi network when the user is on the go
  • fully interactive collaboration that can be arranged in seconds – video conferencing, whiteboards and screen sharing are just a click away
  • Palett IP DECT UNIVERGE 3C  includes state-of-the-art wireless devices for voice, text messaging and internal mobility
  • redirection of voice calls, emails and online chats to the most suitable agent, which shortens waiting times and improves customer satisfaction and staff motivation
  • UNIVERGE 3C includes a diverse range of desktop phones that best suit an individual’s role for easy call management from the office, remote office or home office, hot desk and more

You can read more about 3C at: https://www.nec-enterprise.com/products/UNIVERGE-3C


Advantages of UNIVERGE SV9100:

  • a versatile architecture that can act as an IP system, a digital system, or a hybrid system as a combination of both
  • the simplest unified communications system on the market – all applications in one device
  • easy integration into existing IT infrastructure
  • ability to operate as an analog, digital or IP system
  • a number of mobility applications that can be adapted to the requirements of the workforce
  • various compatible desktop, portable and mobile devices for a fully equipped workforce
  • administrative and cost management tools for insight into the organization
  • simplified user licensing to facilitate easier use and budgeting
  • a trusted partner who can fully support dynamic communication and collaboration
  • high protection of communication networks, conference lines and company devices

You can read more about UNIVERGE SV9100 at: https://www.nec.com/en/global/solutions/univerge/smb/SV9100/sv9100.html


Advantages of SL2100:

  • with VoIP Unified Communications capabilities, it reaches small businesses or can be used as a resilient TDM solution with the possibility of upgrading, which will be reliable in the future
  • represents significant savings and functionality in addition to alternative hosting solutions
  • the SL2100 offers a reliable – no downtime solution
  • less hardware, less licenses and less maintenance
  • all applications (UC, conferences, recording, KC,…) are installed in the device itself
  • ergonomic IP desktops with function keys for call management, 5 modes of call management for custom routing and 7 octaves of superior sound quality
  • IP telephony features include voicemail, auto attendant, workgroup features, music on hold, and more
  • stay connected to all locations with the ST500 smartphone app, which includes video collaboration capabilities and mobile phones to help employees do business as if they were sitting at a desk

You can read more about SL2100 at: https://www.necsl2100.com/



3CX is a complete communication solution and system based on open standards, which allows installation and performance as easy as never before.

At the same time, the system provides a complete solution for unified communications, so it can be easily integrated with other applications.

Advantages of 3CX:

  • easy installation and operation
  • lower costs by up to 80% (significant reduction in the costs of public connections, calls, purchases, upgrades and system maintenance)
  • higher productivity with a unified communications system
  • work from anywhere: Android, iOS and web client
  • embedded WebRTC video convention system
  • CRM integration with Office 365, Salesforce, Freshdesk and other systems
  • installation on your own infrastructure or in the cloud
  • upgrades can be downloaded automatically
  • high security
  • your own choice between popular IP phones, VoiIP gateways and SIP protocol
  • easy management of business numbers – number of users per license
  • the ability to manage the phone with the 3CX Assistant application

You can read more about 3CX at: https://www.3cx.com/