Our independent backbone network is deployed along a power grid with more than 3,000 km of fiber length

Special cables are built into the lightning ropes (OPGW) and are wrapped around the phase conductor of the transmission line (OPWR). Within urban settlements, we also market optical fibers, which are laid in the electricity sewer. The fiber type and quality are in accordance with ITU-T Recommendation G.652. We are constantly expanding and upgrading our optical network with new connections and modern active equipment.

The network supports the use of state-of-the-art transmission technologies such as SDH, IP MPLS, DWDM, which are built in the form of optical loops so that we can ensure a surplus of service transmission. This allows us to provide services with a high level of reliability. With the backbone of the telecommunications infrastructure and the diversified optical networks of electricity utility companies, we enable Slovenian and international telecommunications service providers to significantly improve and upgrade their services.

Our international and domestic optical telecommunication networks ensure high capacity and availability of data and services based on the latest technologies, which increases the level of connectivity and reliability between telecommunication hubs both in Slovenia and abroad.

When renting services using a modern optical network, we are trusted by important global operators such as British Telecom, Colt and Cogent. In addition, we rent our services to all Slovenian telecommunications service operators – Telekom Slovenije, T – 2, Telemach and A1 Slovenija.

Why backbone network no. 1 in Slovenia?

  • an independent backbone network with more than 3,000 km of optical fiber length,
  • fiber quality in accordance with ITU-T Recommendation G.652,
  • use of state-of-the-art technologies; SDH, IP MPLS, DWDM,
  • high-performance international connections,
  • trust from important global and Slovenian operators.

POP locations (Points of presence)

In 2006, Stelkom adopted a strategy for expanding services in the region and in early 2007 opened its first collocation – POP abroad, at the Vienna Interxion location. This was followed by the opening of POP collocations in Milan and Zagreb.

In the last two years, Stelkom has upgraded its presence in the region with new POP collocations in Sarajevo, Frankfurt and Belgrade. Stelkom's expansion plan extends beyond Skopje, Banja Luka, Amsterdam, Sofia and Budapest. All the listed locations are already accessible through Stelkom's partners.

Existing pop locations

LIX, Tivolska 50
RTP Beričevo
RTP Kleče
Ljubljana, Kotnikova ul.9 , El. Ljubljana
ELES, Hajdrihova 2, El. Ljubljana
RTP Črnomelj

CIX, Sveučilišni računski centar, J. Marohnića 5, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia

MIX s.r.l., via Caldera 21 – 20153 Milan, Italy

Interxion, Louis-H äfliger-Gasse 10, 1210 Vienna, Austria

Telenor Airport City, Omladinskih brigada 90, 11070 Belgrade, Serbia

Avaz, Bosnia in Hercegovina

Interxion, Hanauer Landstra ße 298, 60314 Frankfurt am Main, Germany


Neotel, Bul. Kuzman Josifovski Pitu 15, 1000 Skopje, North Macedonia

Interxion, Cessnalaan 50, 1119 NL Schiphol-Rijk, the Netherlands

Telepoint, 122 Ovtche pole Str, Sofia, Bulgaria

BIX, Victor Hugo u. 18-22, 1132 Budapest, Hungary

Banja Luka
Elta, Bosnia in Hercegovina